Favourite Trees

Favourite Trees of Epping Forest and Harlow District

Tree Statistics

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4166 trees recorded.
6509 pictures associated with them.
2 Conservation trees recorded.
7 Heritage trees recorded.
17 Landmark trees recorded.
51 Ancient trees recorded.
0 Flagship trees recorded.
3053 Veteran trees recorded.
Other trees 1036
There are 3903 recorded in Epping.
There are 261 recorded in Harlow.
There are 2 recorded in Brentwood.

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Favourite Tree book
The Favourite Trees Book
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Woodland Trust Ancient Trees Guide
Woodland Trust Ancient Trees Guide available here as a PDF to download.
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The trees that made Britain
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Oak tree at the pond in Buckhurst Hill
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Town and country

Epping Forest District Council, Countrycare and Local Heritage Initiative is working to help support the growing demand for care and attention to our valuable favourite trees within the Epping District.

Is there a tree that you think is really special and that makes life just that bit better? Would you like to tell us why?

We know the trees work very hard for us – for our health, our wellbeing, for biodiversity and for the appearance of our towns, villages and countryside. But trees also matter to us for more personal reasons. It may be because of some historical or family connection, their location, or their size or appearance. Whatever the reason, if you would like to share it with others then the 50 Favourite Trees Project is designed to help you share your feelings about your favourite tree.

Image shows the Plane trees in Epping High street.

Some of our winning entries

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To see more information on any of these winning entries click on the tree image. Here you can view more pictures and data on the individual tree and its nominator.


You can still nominate your favourite trees, even though the competition is closed

Competition entries close April 2006, but nominations will are still wanted for your favourite trees so continue to register your trees when ever you wish. although these will no longer be eligable for the competition they will still be published on this web site to ensure that it continues to grow and attract attention.

To enter your nomination online now.click here...

For more details contact Epping Forest Countrycare: 01992 788203.


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